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EILZURR®️ ratchets - instructions

The EILZURR ratchet is an easy-to-use tool that will help you tie down your load safely and securely. Here is a functional guide to show you how to use the EILZURR ratchet:

Let's Go

1st step: Open

Start opening the ratchet by operating the lever or the release system. This releases the ratchet mechanism and the strap can be threaded through.

2nd step: threading

Thread the loose end of the strap into the hole at the other end of the ratchet. Make sure the strap is not twisted and is inserted firmly into the opening.

3rd step: tightening

Hold the strap and begin to operate the ratchet by moving the lever up and down. This pulls the belt taut and securely fixes the load. Make sure to tension the strap evenly to ensure a secure and stable lashing.

4th step: determination

Once the strap is taut, you can lock the ratchet to hold the tension. This is usually accomplished by operating a locking mechanism or locking the lever.

Step 5 : Remove

To release the strap, open the ratchet again by activating the release mechanism. This releases the tensioning mechanism and the strap can be easily removed.


Make sure the belt is properly routed throughout the process and is not twisted or damaged. Regularly check the condition of the strap and ratchet for damage, wear or tension before using them.

Please note that this is a general guide and it is important to follow the specific manufacturer's instructions that came with your EILZURR ratchet.